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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where should I host my China-related website?

I have a special page devoted to the topic of where to host your China-related website.

Is a Chinese language site included?

Yes, it's included. I assume that every person(s)/business that purchases a site from me will also want a Chinese langauge version written in Chinese characters. I will quote you a price which includes this; and all of the websites listed as "Sample Sites" include all costs for translation. You can read more on this point on my page regarding Chinese translation. However, if you only want an English language site that is fine. Or, if you only need a Chinese version (and I've done one of those as well) then that is fine and it will reduce your costs some.

Can I meet you in person?

Yes, I can meet you in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou. However, it's best for us to first speak on the phone a bit to make sure that I will meet your needs.

How long will it take?

I can finish most projects within a month; sometimes significantly faster.

Do you use templates during design?

I only use WHAT I MYSELF HAVE BUILT, and that means coded by hand every line in it.

I don't use "templates" if that word refers to other people's code. I may use one of my own sites which I have built before as a template. But again, then I know the code backwards and forwards. The only code you full understand is the code you've written or modified substantially yourself. I don't use Wordpress templates or any phoney baloney stuff like that. I am a computer programmer, but I am not against using Wordpress per se. It will downgrade your rankings slight in terms of Google's view of your site. But not if it's only just a section or limited part of your site. One problem with Wordpress sites and the people that use them as the primary website they sell is that those people themsevles don't actually write and debug code themselves. I don't care how "nice' their sites look, they didn't code it themselves and won't be able fix it when it breaks. Furthermore, Wordpress often has layout glitches when people upload a photo of a particular size that does not fit the dimensions of the template just right. As 90% of my sites are codes entirely from scratch by yours truly, that is NEVER an issue with me. For all I know they've "outsourced" it to some other company. Businesses that are serious about the internet hire computer programmers (you can call them developers, devs, software engineers etc.) to program computers.

Will my site be mobile-friendly?

Yes, it will unless you want to save some money and just use a desktop site. The Chinese internet world is more mobile-centric than we are in the West. The reasons for this are likely many, but one factor is certainly the ubiquity of Weixin/Wechat. Both Alipay and Wechat payments are reliable and well-trusted by consumers. Chinese use their phones to browse the internet more than their western counterparts. Many of those who own a smartphone do not own a computer. If you want to sell to Chinese consumers, you need a mobile-friendly website.

What are the best eCommerce platforms in China?

By far the most popular is After that you've got and a few others.

There are many good ones, and I don't know which is best. I do know that some of them have pretty high setup costs. For example charges about 50,000 renminbi for new importers to get set up! You can use as many as you want or all of them (if you can afford it). The site I make for you can be integrated into all of them, it won't matter from my perspective. Additionally, you'll have QR link codes and buy now buttons that permit scanning and direct linkage to the product pages at those platforms. Although the registration startup costs are rather steep, one platform that is uniquely suited for foreigners with direct imports is It is located in a duty-free zone here in Shenzhen and streamlines the import/purchase process for both buyers and sellers. Among Chinese it has built up one central pillar of it's image: no fakes! Virtually all Chinese would prefer to purchase foreign products than Chinese products, but there is a serious problem when it comes to deciding whether a given item is the real McCoy or not. is trying to eliminate that trust problem by verifying the authenticity of all the foreign companies and products which are sold on their site.

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